Sunday, March 11, 2018

Winter Photo-adventures at Mono Lake

A day's discoveries along an inland sea

The winter of 2018 has not seen near the amount of snow as in 2017.  After a moist cold front moved through the region in early March, I was eager to venture out to eastern California and the High Sierra community, 6,383’ (1,946 m)  around Mono Lake.

 I took a dirt road that might get me a better view of the lake and I was hoping not to get stuck in the icy mud.  I was slightly disappointed with the lack of snow on the ground but the mountains were looking very picturesque against the nice blue sky.

Eventually the road-side opened for a nice view of the mountains to the south--the gateway to Mammoth Mountain and June Lake.

With this type of winter lighting and the snow covered mountains Mono Lake looked almost like it was frozen.

In the far distant to the south, trails lined with snow stood out, what great skiing on that fresh powder.

The view across the north side of this inland sea leaves me with a very surrealistic feeling.  Mono Lake is twice as salty as the ocean.

The docile appearing Mono Dome all covered in snow hardly gives any hint of this area’s volcanic past.

Snow blankets much of the salty shoreline at this ancient lake and the Black Point basaltic cone
stands out across the blue water.  Black Point was formed over 13,000 years ago.

By late afternoon the sky grows darker and colors become more saturated.  The black shape of volcanic Pahoa Island, formed just 300 years ago, begins to reflect in the calm portion of the water.  Unworldly “Tufa Towers” calcium-carbonate spires, accent the lake’s foreground.

Time has come to begin my departure and travel back over Nevada’s 7,638 feet (2,328 meters) Anchorite Pass before ice starts to form on the road.

No matter what the season photo-exploring around the Mono Lake area always offers the most awesome views.  Winter does seem to be my favorite time when the snow covers the high Sierra and accents the rugged terrain.  

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