Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My First Sale with Fine Art Photography

How reaching for the clouds launched my photography career!

When I was still a novice during the early days of my art show sojourn I remember a more seasoned artist remarking that doing art shows was like going out in public naked and exposing your innermost soul.  She was definitely correct about her feelings.  I had been a teacher for many years in both college and secondary, had done my share of public speaking, but standing there displaying my photographic art was the most uncomfortable situation that I had ever experienced.

So when I made my first sale at my first art show, I was dancing on clouds, only with my clothes on!  And speaking of clouds, this first sale was of a photograph of cumulus clouds producing crepuscular rays. 

Carpe Diem

I had taken the photograph when driving along Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas, Nevada and saw the cloud forming to the west.  I pulled over, parked and managed to get 2 clicks of the shutter before everything changed.

There is a philosophy that art is about the creating and not for the commercial aspect.  This is very true because the pressure to produce commercially can override the moment of creation when the work materializes from the inner soul.

Furthermore, people can “Like” your pictures and tell you how great they are, which is always appreciated.   However, when someone is willing to own a piece of your art, it establishes a sense of worth and value.

Throughout my professional photography career, I never did allow the commercial aspect to over-ride the creative force behind my passion for the art

 “Carpe Diem”  remains on my list of classic fine art photographs and is available for purchase through my online gallery and website:

BTW, the woman who purchased “Carpe Diem” located me at another art show and told me that she loved clouds and collected artwork with unusual cloud formations.    

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