Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Analogous Colors of Autumn

Warm Colors for Cool Days of Autumn

The changing of the seasons begins on September 22nd as summer relinquishes to autumn.  Autumn just happens to be my favorite of all the seasons, which seems a paradox because I am definitely a summer person. I love the long hot days and warm summer nights. However, as autumn approaches and nature begins to slow down preparing for winter's slumber, I feel a sense of excitement in the air. Perhaps I’m taken back to my college days when fall’s arrival meant new beginnings and adventures.

Now that my academic years have long since departed, autumn’s transition has taken on a whole different meaning to me. The abundance of color and more subtle lighting in autumn stirs me to spend as much time as possible photographing nature in its splendor.

 When I am out looking for scenes in autumn, I go at a leisurely pace and get caught up in the moment. Maybe it’s because the days are cooler but most importantly, I believe it is due to the change of colors in the landscape.

The predominant colors of autumn, the reds, yellows and oranges are next to each other on the color wheel.  Unlike the vibrant contrasting colors of summer that are direct opposites but complimentary, the analogous colors of autumn create a soothing, harmonious sensation.

 This beautiful array of harmonious colors is often so short in duration and then followed by the dullness of winter. It’s like the finale of a grand performance where you are overcome with emotions, wanting more. And the intensity of that moment remains long after the final curtain is drawn.

What an exciting and interesting photo-adventure this day has been.  I love it when I am drawn to an area and not knowing what to expect I get treated to new experiences. 

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Photography places me in the moment where I can share that moment in time. It becomes a life story as represented by my interaction with the scene. The happiness and beauty or the sorrow and strife; how I focus leaves a lasting impression that might touch the viewer on a spiritual level.

 "Reflecting Nature's Artistry" 

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