Wednesday, July 7, 2010



The small quiet town of Hawthorne, Nevada comes alive on the Fifth of July each year because that’s when they celebrate America’s Birthday with a spectacular fireworks display.

By scheduling the event after the Fourth, the pyrotechnics production company stops by to use up any unexploded fireworks left over from the Fourth.

This allows Hawthorne to put on a big extravaganza at a reduced price.

The fireworks are exploded in the open desert area across from Armory Road, with Walker Lake and the Wassuk Mountain Range as the backdrop.

 And what a dazzling display it is against the dark open sky.

With my D90 and Nikon 35-70mm 2.8 lens secured to a sturdy Bogan tripod, I exposed the fireworks on manual setting, at 200 ISO, f/16 aperture and shutter held open on bulb.

What an exciting and interesting photo-adventure this day has been.  I love it when I am drawn to an area and not knowing what to expect I get treated to new experiences. 

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Photography places me in the moment where I can share that moment in time. It becomes a life story as represented by my interaction with the scene. The happiness and beauty or the sorrow and strife; how I focus leaves a lasting impression that might touch the viewer on a spiritual level.

 "Reflecting Nature's Artistry" 

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