Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wildflowers Blooming at Conway Summit

Blues, reds, yellow and orange!
What a colorful photo-adventure this was

On a day trip to Eastern Sierra’s higher elevations, what could be more rewarding than coming across a huge section of wildflowers blooming along the roadside?  Just before the July 4th weekend, I took a drive over toward Virginia Lake in Mono County, California.  Turning off U.S. 395 at the Conway Summit, I noticed yellow wildflowers standing out against the green landscape.  

Photographer Bonnie Rannald, Conway Summit, California

As I stopped to catch a scenic view of the mountains that still had traces of snow, patches of lavender blooms stood out in the foreground.   

Conway Summit, California

Driving forward a short distance, the rocky banks on either side of the road were accented with clusters of lavender and periwinkle.  

Sierra Penstemon, Conway Summit

At closer observation, I realized these were Sierra Penstemon flowers. 

Sierra Penstemon, Conway Summit

Many of the Penstemon were growing with tall, lanky Lupines which had just started to bud. 

Sierra Penstemon and Lupine, Conway Summit

Moving further along the road and to my delight a group of scarlet Beaked Beardtongue stood out next to more periwinkle Penstemon. 

Scarlet Beardtongue and Sierra Penstemon, Conway Summit

Up in the distance and swaying in the breeze a large area of red caught my attention.  

Desert Paintbrush, Conway Summit

I had to tread safely along the narrow, rocky shoulder of this road and keep a watch for passing cars.  

Bonnie Rannald photographing wildflowers, Conway Summit

Getting a closer look, the reds were Desert Paintbrushes.  I’ve never seen so many growing in such a small area!

Desert Paintbrush, Conway Summit

This photo-adventure was like being in a lush alpine flower garden!

Desert Paintbrush, Conway Summit

Accents of orange against the subtle green desert sage caught my eye.  These flowers are the Applegate’s Paintbrush and the first I had ever encountered growing wild. 

Applegate's Paintbrush, Conway Summit

Numerous stands of Mule’s Ears with yellow flowers and elongated leaves were inter-spaced through out the road side.  

Mule Ears, Conway Summit

The day was moving along and the winds were getting stronger, it was time to head back down.  What a thrill to just happen on so many wildflowers.   I have learned from past experience to follow my yearnings and allow the adventure come to me.    

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