Saturday, February 10, 2018

Buffington Pockets, Out of This World Terrain!

An extra-terrestrial landscape in a hidden desert pocket!

After watching the exciting Falcon Heavy Test launch I realized that one of the aspects that fascinated me so much while exploring in the Southwestern Desert, was it sometimes looks as if I’m on a different planet. Unusual rock formations, strange shape of trees and multicolored desert floors and can definitely give an out of this world appearance. 

One of my favorite areas with extra-terrestrial features is Buffington Pockets in Southern Nevada. Buffington Pockets is just off Interstate 15, in the Muddy Mountain Wilderness Area of Nevada and not too far from Valley of Fire State Park. 

As I approach Buffington Pockets, I begin to see colorful outcroppings of rounded boulders in light orange hues that appear to have been carefully stacked on top of each other.  I begin to wonder is this an American type of Stonehenge?  

A curve in the road and almost hidden out of sight I spot a towering eagle shape in the sandstone rock. Could it be a sentinel watching over to protect this wondrous area? 

One of the most striking outcroppings is a vast prominence of orange and white layered domes that appear to be laid out like a bakers’ tray of cinnamon rolls.  The dark gray Muddy Mountains can be seen towering in the distance to the right.  

On a mild day in February, I specifically made a return visit to this area of Buffington Pockets to catch the moon in its early phase over this grouping of rocks. 

Over the eons, nature’s creativity with complex uplifting and faulting, followed by extensive erosion, developed this unworldly landscape.   However, it is fun to just imagine that I could be off exploring on one our neighboring planets.  We are blessed with such a diverse and wondrous home on our planet, Earth.

What an exciting and interesting photo-adventure this day has been.  I love it when I am drawn to an area and not knowing what to expect I get treated to new experiences.

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