Saturday, November 25, 2017

Listen, Watch, Follow the Wind

The desert sings her lonely song

Deserts can bring solitude and oneness with the environment but can also be some of the loneliest places on the planet. Most often all I encounter is the tracks of some small living creature and hardly ever a living soul.

Walking across undisturbed paths, it seems like the soil has remained untouched for eons.  Just the desert winds and a rare rainstorm is all that have left traces across this barren no man’s land.

Once in a lifetime sun bleached bones give away secrets to what might have called this remoteness a home.

A weather torn shack still stands out in the middle of nowhere. Its rusted siding tells of a legacy from long ago.  Might it have been a water source for long departed dwellers?

On closer observation, the puzzle of cracked dried earth leaves clues that this was perhaps a catch basin for water which in the desert can be more precious than gold.

Layers of clear weather clouds gather atop the mountains, ominous weather with very strong winds could be on the horizon.

Feeling so alone in this abandoned land, it is only the wind that brings me a feeling of comfort.  Maybe the long ago spirits come in with the wind to ride again across this desolate landscape.

Photography places me in the moment where I can share that moment in time. It becomes a life story as represented by my interaction with the scene. The happiness and beauty or the sorrow and strife; how I focus leaves a lasting impression that might touch the viewer on a spiritual level. 

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