Thursday, April 27, 2017

Weber Reservoir and 2017 Spring Snowmelt

Recharging lakes, rivers and streams

Over the winter of 2016 – 2017, back-to-back storms in January and February brought more snow to the Sierra Nevada Mountains than in the last two decades. As a result, snowmelt in the spring is causing the lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs to flow at an all time high.

To prevent flooding along the banks of the Walker River, water is being released through the spillway at Weber Reservoir.


What an exciting event to stand on the bridge during Earth Day weekend and feel the mighty force  of all this water rushing down.


The additional water will recharge the ground water at Weber Reservoir which is on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation, located in Western Nevada. It will also flow to Walker Lake and bring much needed fresh water to this desert lake that has been at an all time low level.

Weber Reservoir supports a number of fresh water fish and provides a sanctuary for numerous birds and other wildlife.

Follow my blog and check back as I will be making return visits to the Walker River area during the spring snowmelt of 2017.

With my Nikon and tripod, my goal is to recreate the scene as it appears in nature, to preserve in a photographic image the awesome, yet simplistic beauty of the scene that waits around a bend or over a hill. Sometimes it's a colorful landscape, and many times I'm allowed in the presence of the numerous creatures that adapt to life in the wild.

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